• Buena Vista Costa Rica Tour
  • Buena Vista Costa Rica Tour

Coffee is one of the most important crops in Costa Rica, and it has long been a part of our history and culture. Not many people are aware of this. When you hear about coffee, usually, you think Colombian, or Italian (among others), are the height of its appeal, but Costa Rica’s past is deeply connected to it and the proof is in the product.

In order to grow properly and have a great quality, plants require specific conditions such as: fertile soils and cool weather. Most of the coffee fields are located in the central valley of the country, near San José where the main mountain ranges are.

Did you know that there is a town in Guanacaste located 45 minutes from the ocean where coffee is grown?

This town is Hojancha, and unlike the majority of towns in the province this county has elevations that are 2000 feet (650 meters) above sea Level. The elevation, along with mild weather and hardworking population of Hojancha make it an interesting place for coffee farms. Café Diría in Hojancha is the place where coffee is received from the farms. A processing plant has been built to select, peel, roast, grind and pack the coffee beans (This is the only coffee tour in Guanacaste that has real coffee plantations and a real processing plant).

We offer an educational tour on location to teach you everything you need to know about how coffee is grown, processed and made. Again, the coffee trade is practiced with a great appreciation for the process in achieving the highest quality results, compared by those who’ve experienced it, to any coffee producer worldwide.


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