Guidelines against Covid -19

Since the first Covid 19 case was reported in Costa Rica (March 6th, 2020), the Minister of Health have worked hard to create guidelines and protocols for the surveillance of this infection in the entire country.

At the same time, the Minister of the Costa Rican Tourism Board has created and published several protocols for all the sectors involved in the industry, to mention some: Travel agencies, tour operators, hotels, restaurants, tour guides, theme parks, adventure parks, and transportation companies. All these protocols and recommendations have been approved by the Minister of Health.

Explora Travel is committed to follow the regulations stablished for travel agencies and tour operators. We are also responsible to supervise and make sure that each provider used to operate our services faithfully comply with the standard requirements in order to safeguard our visitors and all the participants.

Actions taken by Explora Travel

The administrative and operational team is committed to comply the measures taken to ensure our safety and the safety of all our potential customers. The most effective preventive measures includes:

  •  Planning inspections to each of our providers before and during our operation to guaranty they are following the guidelines and recommendations of the Minister of Health.
  •  Requesting written cleaning schedules to the establishments to ensure the proper disinfection.
  •  We have stablished a day by day documented monitoring of our employees.
  •  Using technology (videoconference, E-mails) and other channels to avoid attending face to face meetings with our providers.
  •  Keeping the employees informed with the current information of Covid 19.
  •  Creating a channel of communications (WhatsAp) for our customers in case they have respiratory symptoms.
  •  Contacting the health institutions (line 1322) when there is a suspicious Covid 19 case reported.
  •  Using the respective personal protection equipment (globes, masks, alcohol-based hand sanitizers wipes) at the office, specially when having direct contact with others.
  •  Cleaning and disinfection of environmental and other frequently touched surfaces must be every day.

COVID actions taken

“The best way to prevent and slow down transmission is be well informed about the COVID-19 virus, the disease it causes and how it spreads. Protect yourself and others from infection by washing your hands or using an alcohol based rub frequently and not touching your face”

World Health Organization, 2020

COVID actions taken

COVID actions taken

Guidelines for Tour Guides

The most effective preventive measures includes:

  •  Informing the customers about the guidelines process that will be follow during the excursion.
  •  Maintaining physical distance (a minimum of 2 meters) from other individuals in the groups, as well as from other groups (15 meters).
  •  Performing hand hygiene frequently with soap and water.
  •  Each guide must has alcohol based hand rub. It is also recommended to have alcohol-based hand sanitizers wipes.
  •  Avoiding sharing personal items, if so, disinfect it immediately after using.
  •  Cleaning the personal and electronic equipment (binoculars, telescope, flash lights, tablets ) before, during and after each service.
  •  Avoiding touching the eyes, nose and mouth.
  •  Practicing respiratory hygiene by coughing or sneezing into a bent elbow or tissue and then immediately disposing of the tissue and sanitize the hands.
  •  Considering wearing a mask to provide the instructions of the tour (when applicable)
  •  Avoiding touching tourist belongings.
  •  Checking the cleaning schedules at the facilities to inform customers.
  •  Reporting any disrespect of our providers regarding cleaning and disinfection of environmental and other frequently touched surfaces at the facilities and visited attractions.
  •  During the registration (check -in) at hotels, groups must do it one at a time, this is also applicable when showing up at the restaurants for food reservations.
  •  Guides must report the operations department if the feel flue symptoms.

ICT Official Statement about COVID-19

Costa Rica Welcomes all countries and facilities the entry of international tourists. Tourist need to accomplish the following requirements.

Take a look at the Official Letter