Who We Are

We are a travel agency and tour operator in Costa Rica, based 15 minutes from Guanacaste airport in Liberia city. Our enterprise policy has always been focused on customer´s satisfaction guaranteed by a varied offer of trips and activities with a high standard of quality. We are committed to show the best of our country, our nature and culture in a responsible and ethical manner with the professionalism that characterize us. We aim to offer memorable experiences to fulfill our customer´s travel desires through delivering unique travel to Costa Rica.

We are committed with the environment, offering a real and respectful interaction with each destination and locals, showing a true way of tourism by creating real experiences with real people.

Monkey Travel Agency Team


To create true and memorable experiences in each visited destination by offering a high standard quality in our touristic services, committing to the cultural, environmental and social reality of our country.


Being a well known tour agency in Costa Rica by the year 2030, as well as being recognized for the quality of our service and the contribution to the social development of the country.

Our Core Values
Customer Oriented

For us a company customer orientation is essential for achieving and exciding customer satisfaction.


We always seek for professionals with good moral principles and behavior. From our customers, in terms of touristic ethics we expect keeping in mind the effects of one's actions as a traveler on the environment and local community.


For us, a company it is the base of all values and the base for a good communication. Our customers and team should be always treated respectfully. The golden rule is to treat others the way you would like to be treated.


It is very important that the information provided to our customers is honest, true and transparent. Honesty promotes confident and loyalty and as a travel agency that is how our customers can trust on us.


As a company we need to feel committed to do a professional work and ensure that our customer is satisfied with the service provided, only so we can keep growing and achieve our goal.

Team work

To work under a single purpose to achieve our goals together. Good Teamwork will lead to good service which means people will be loyal and come back for more services.

Our Tour Guides
Tour Guides in Costa Rica

All our guides are certificated and have the license issued by The Costa Rican Tourism Board. In addition, they hold degrees in Management of Sustainable Rural Tourism, Ecological Tourism as well as Natural Sciences. They are well experienced guides and feel committed to show the great richness, culture and natural treasures of Costa Rica.

Our vehicles
Transportation Costa Rica

The vehicles have the respective permission issued by the Costa Rica Public Transportation Counsil and the Costa Rica Tourism Board to operate. The vans are modern, equipped with AC and full policy coverage.